June, 2017
Advanced Telecomunications Research Institute International (ATR)

 Tohru Asami,

ATR is a unique private company established in the Kansai region in March 1986, with the aim of promoting fundamental and innovative R&D activities as well as contributing to society in a wide range of telecommunication fields.

Since its establishment, outstanding research outcomes have been steadily achieved in such fields as artificial intelligence, neuro-knowledge science, life-support robots and wireless communication, focusing on applications for healthcare and social support in preparation for the super-aging society. All of these outcomes have been made possible through collaboration with various universities, research institutes, and companies within and outside of Japan. ATR has also been making R&D advances in the fields of life science, environment engineering, and diet & agriculture.

In addition to our continuous efforts to achieve innovative research and development, we are actively pursuing the expansion and commercialization of our R&D outcomes.

I warmly appreciate your continued support.